Thursday, 29 November 2012


Measured By The Soul: The Life of Joseph Carey Merrick A groundbreaking biography on Joseph Merrick (also known as, The Elephant Man), written by the Friends of Joseph Carey Merrick. 229 pages dedicated to telling Joseph's true life story, with newly discovered facts. For example, the whereabouts of his parents’ separate graves, details of a unknown baby brother, who died of smallpox. There’s a 19th century classroom photo of Joseph’s school and another, of the chapel where his mother taught Sunday School. Over 50 grayscale photos, illustrate this true story. The cover, atmospheric, and rich in sepia tones. You will read chapters like, 'Angels of Mercy’, (the nursing care Joseph's received at the hospital) and, 'Peace At Last' (dedicated to the happiest time of his short life). Included also in the book, are rare accounts by present day Proteus Syndrome patients: Jordan Whitewood-Neal (UK); Lisa Bartlett (Australia) and Brian Richards (USA). We hear from geneticist, Leslie Biesecker, M.D. of the Human Genome Project, who has discovered the cause of Proteus Syndrome, pointing the way to new treatments anda hope for its ultimate cure. Each purchase of the book benefits Proteus Syndrome research. Available on and coming soon to Amazon!