Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear 'Friends of Joseph Carey Merrick' (FoJCM) and esteemed visitors,

I would respectfully remind you of this Blog's raison d'ĂȘtre, to:

  • research fact; 
  • participate in serious Joseph-related discussion and, 
  • contribute factual information. 

As this Blog is directly linked from the Joseph Carey Merrick Tribute website, we must at all times keep our feet well grounded in fact, for otherwise, the website and FoJCM's reputation will suffer. You'll understand that, I can't allow that to happen.  I would prefer to remove this Blog altogether, rather than besmirch the reputation of the Tribute site or the FoJCM.

Please keep these things in mind, when posting to this Blog site.

I thank you for your understanding,
My love, as always,
Jeanette Sitton
Founder and Chair, Friends of Joseph Carey Merrick